Could Brian Laundrie still be alive if he’s in Florida’s Carlton Reserve? Here’s what survival experts think

On September 1, Laundrie returned in Petito’s van to the couple’s North Port, Florida, dwelling from a cross-country highway journey the couple launched into earlier in the summer time, police have stated. Petito’s stays had been later discovered in Wyoming’s Teton County.

Dozens of officers from companies together with the FBI, the North Port Police Department, Florida Wildlife Commission, a number of sheriff’s workplaces and K9 search and rescue groups have been looking the reserve since Laundrie’s dad and mom first talked to police on September 17.

CNN requested survival experts if it is doable Laundrie is alive if he has been in the reserve since mid-September. Here’s what they stated.

It is determined by his provides and expertise

In an ABC interview that aired final week, Laundrie’s sister, Cassie Laundrie, stated he had beforehand taken journeys for as much as 5 days on the Appalachian Trail. She stated her brother is a “mediocre survivalist.”

Robert Urban, founder and chief teacher of the Urban Survival Academy, stated he believes it is extremely unlikely that somebody who shouldn’t be professionally skilled in survival techniques would be in a position to survive in the reserve for this lengthy.

Constant updates have left authorities and the public confused about Laundrie's disappearance. Here's what we know

“Florida’s climate is very, very difficult,” Urban instructed CNN. “I’m an expert with plenty of experience, and it would be everything that I could do to survive for (more) than three weeks. Someone with no experience, you cannot be lucky and survive in that sort of climate.”

The listing of challenges Laundrie might be going through is not a brief one. There’s wildlife that might damage him, together with water moccasins, hogs, bears and alligators, survival experts instructed CNN. There have additionally been panther sightings in the reserve in the previous. If Laundrie was in the reserve for this lengthy, he would doubtless additionally not be working underneath one of the best mindset, a number of experts added, because of the anxiousness of attempting to evade authorities and attempting to outlive, which might hinder his survival abilities.

“When you’re tired, you’re not as defensive, you’re not as vigilant as you should be,” Urban stated.

Jason Marsteiner, founder and president of The Survival University, stated when he sends trainees of his program in the wilderness — for nearly per week after they’ve gone by a 50-day course — they wrestle.

“Twenty-five days in that area is extremely tough. I wouldn’t want to do it and I’ve got jungle training, I’ve got mountain training,” he stated. “He’s not sleeping well, and when you don’t sleep you slowly drive yourself insane, so he would be making bad decisions, bad choices and I think that would cause him to be found or get injured or perish.”

He would wish shelter, water, meals

It’s unclear what Laundrie took with him when he left. His dad and mom instructed police he left dwelling with a backpack. Experts say an enormous a part of whether or not he might still be alive if he was in the reserve is determined by how ready he was when he allegedly went in and the way in a position he’s to give you the three fundamentals: shelter, water and meals.
A timeline of 22-year-old Gabby Petito's case
“If he had ways to disinfect the water through filtration and (cover) to protect himself from the weather and things like that, he could survive for a certain period of time,” survival knowledgeable Dave Canterbury instructed CNN’s Erin Burnett on Thursday. “If he had ways to gather food and process that food, he could survive even longer.”

But Laundrie would doubtless must course of and prepare dinner the meals he gathers, Canterbury added, and if his water filtration system failed, he must discover one other technique to disinfect the water. Both of these issues would doubtless require him beginning a fireplace. But North Port police spokesperson Josh Taylor instructed CNN’s Randi Kaye on Friday authorities haven’t discovered any bodily proof of Laundrie in the reserve. Police additionally disputed {that a} not too long ago used campsite was discovered — data that was given to CNN from a supply near the Laundrie household.

“Starting fire is going to be a big no-no for (Laundrie) if he doesn’t want to get found or seen, so I think it’s going to be very difficult for him to stay out there for a very long period of time,” Canterbury stated. But he added that Laundrie might have had sufficient in his backpack to outlive up up to now.

Alan McEwen, a cattle rancher and outdoorsman who lives close to the reserve, stated the realm seems like “muck,” with elements of the reserve reaching knee- and waist-deep water ranges — making tenting in that wilderness extraordinarily tough.

Time and environmental factors are complicating the search for Brian Laundrie, experts say

“The palmettos out there alone are enough to trip you up, when you’re walking through them, when you you stumble through them,” McEwen instructed CNN’s Chris Cuomo Friday evening. “The mosquitos will carry you off, anybody out there more than a day without mosquito spray, you’d go insane with the bugs getting you and everything else.”

“There’s just no possible way for anybody to survive out there like that,” he added. “Nobody.”

The method Byron Kerns, founding father of the Itchatad Outdoors Survival School, sees it, Laundrie’s most speedy want would be water, and if he had a water filtration pump with him, that might final him for gallons. But after three weeks, Laundrie would wish to get meals, and if he’s not skilled and does not have the suitable instruments, realizing what to eat and how one can get it may possibly be tough.

“Bugs can also be a source of protein in the wilderness, but does he know that?” stated Kerns.

Drone footage shows the Carlton Reserve in Venice, Florida, on October 8, 2021.

Experts think he’s both not alive or not in there

Laundrie household legal professional Steven Bertolino instructed CNN in response to a query he’s “hopeful” that Laundrie is still alive. Taylor, the North Port police spokesperson, instructed CNN it’s “certainly possible” that Laundrie is alive.

“Nothing to suggest one way or another,” Taylor stated in an electronic mail.

The survival experts CNN spoke to look to agree that Laundrie is both now not alive or not in the reserve.

“(Authorities) probably have some of their best people in the nation out there looking for him and they haven’t found no sign of him,” Marsteiner stated. “The 25,000 acres, it sounds big, but when you’ve got that many people scouring the area it’s really not.”

It’s extremely unlikely he might be tenting out and persevering with to evade the search groups which were on the lookout for him, Urban added.

No physical signs of Brian Laundrie have yet been found in a Florida nature reserve, police say

“Some non-trained guy just used to walking on trails is not going to evade a team of experts like that, just by hiding,” Urban stated, including that he additionally believes Laundrie is both not in the reserve or not alive in there.

If Laundrie is in the reserve however now not alive, discovering him turns into more durable as extra days go by, Urban added, with the motion of water and sand, in addition to the animals that go by. But there have been no indications that Laundrie has died both.

“When you have something dead out there, you’re going to have buzzards flying everywhere,” McEwen instructed Cuomo on Friday. “You can’t see any buzzards flying anywhere, and no buzzards have been flying in any direction of this place.”

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