Hendra virus variant detected in flying foxes across Australia

Flying foxes don’t unfold the virus to people and there have been no circumstances of human-to-human transmission, however well being authorities preserve an in depth eye on new circumstances as a result of it’s so lethal when people contract it.


No vaccine exists for the illness for people, though an antiviral remedy may be given to anybody believed to have been uncovered to the illness.

Dr Halpin mentioned there was a vaccine for virus in horses, which had been extraordinarily efficient in curbing the variety of circumstances, however new infections just like the one in NSW final week, which was in an unvaccinated horse, confirmed the illness may pop up anyplace as a consequence of being endemic in flying fox populations.

She mentioned it was not recognized why the illness solely appeared to leap from flying foxes to horses in sure elements of the nation, and it was regarding that space seemed to be getting greater.

“Spillover events tend to be associated with specifically the black flying fox and the spectacled flying fox, so we haven’t seen a horse get infected with Hendra outside of the range of those two species,” she mentioned.

“Now with the new variant we’ve found it in flying foxes in other parts of the country, so it highlights that all flying foxes do pose a risk [of spreading to horses].”

The NSW case was in a horse on a property at West Wallsend, with the horse euthanised and no different horses on the property falling sick.

The 2015 case of the brand new variant in Queensland was detected as a part of one other analysis mission known as “Horses as Sentinels” led by the University of Sydney and CSIRO, the outcomes of which have been launched in preprint.

The analysis on the brand new variant being discovered in flying foxes has been revealed in the Virology Journal.

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